About 40 species of Junipers ranging from prostrate groundcovers to tall trees are native to the temperate regions. They have needle like or scale like leaves and produce berry like fruits. The plants are dioecious meaning that there are separate male and female plants. Of course only the females produce the berries.



Juniperus chinensis Chinese Juniper
J. chinensis procumbens Japanese Garden Juniper
J. communis Common Juniper
J. conferta Shore Juniper
J. deppeana Alligator Juniper
J. excelsa Spiny Greek Juniper
J. horizontalis Creeping Juniper
J. lucarana West Indies Juniper
J. osteosperma Utah Juniper
J. procumbens Japanese Garden Juniper
J. recurva Coxii Cox Juniper
J. rigida Needle Juniper
J. sabina Sabine Juniper
J. scopulorum Western Red Cedar
J. squamata Singleseed Juniper
J. virginiana Eastern Red Cedar


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