This is another of those genera that seem to be a puzzle for taxonomists. They estimate that there are between 10 and 18 species of lungworts that are native to Southern Europe and Asia. The common and genus names come from the variegated leaves which ancient physicians thought resemble the inside of the lung.



Pulmonaria angustifolia Blue or Cowslip Lungwort
P. longifolia Longleafed Lungwort,
Joseph and Mary, Spotted Dog
P. officinalis Common Lungwort
P. rubra Red Lungwort
P. saccharata Bethlehem Sage

Species Hgt (in) Flower Color Spotted Leaves
P. angustifolia 9-12 Bright blue No
P. longifolia 9-12 Purple blue Yes
P. rubra 12-24 Coral-red No
P. saccharata 9-18 Blue Yes

* Guides and Keys are from the book "Herbaceous Perennial Plants A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes" by Dr Allan M. Armitage of the University of Georgia. Varsity Press, Athens, Georgia. 1989 ISBN 0-942375-00. More on Dr Armitage and his other books.


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