Pulmonaria saccharata
Bethlehem Sage

Compact, clump-forming perennial
12-15 inches tall and spreads to 24 inches wide.
Funnel-shaped flowers are borne in terminal, branched cymes on 12-18 inches tall stems. The flower color is initially pinkish but turns to blue as the flowers mature.
Alternate, basal leaves are elliptic, acuminate at both ends cauline leaves are linear lanceolate, petioled or subsessile, 6 inches. The dark green leaves are covered with a bristly pubescence and are conspicuously flecked with white spots.
  • 'Alba' - 9 inches, marbled leaves and white flowers.
  • 'Argentea' - Blue flowers and silver-frosted leaves.
  • 'British Sterling' - Silvery leaves with narrow green margins and midribs.
  • 'Excalibur' - The leaves are silver with green outlines. They are arched and have a long, tapered point. An introduction by Dan Heims.
  • 'Highdown' - Taller-growing than the species. It has deep blue flowers which appear earlier than the species.
  • 'Janet Fisk' - This cultivar has a great amount of marbling that tends to coalesce, creating a whitish leaf.
  • 'Mrs. Moon' - Pink flowers that turn blue as the flowers mature. The foliage is attractively spotted with silver-white spots.
  • 'Margery Fish' - The spots are larger on this cultivar than they are on 'Mrs. Moon'. It is a vigorous grower. Named for Margery Fish.
  • 'Pink Dawn' - 9-12 inches, rose-pink flowers and spotted leaves.
  • 'Sissinghurst White' - White flowers add an excellent touch to the attractively spotted foliage. Named for Sissinghurst Castle.


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