Willow, Sallow, Osiers

This genus consists of about 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs. They are native primarily to the cooler, temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The precursor to aspirin, salicylic acid, is found in the bark and leaves of willows.

Most of the members of this genus are trees but a few grow as shrubs. They tend to be fast growing and weak wooded. The weeping willow is noted for its ability to tolerate wet sites near ponds or streams.

Willows for the Home Landscape




Salix alba Golden Weeping Willow
S. babylonica Babylon Weeping Willow
S. x blanda Wisconsin or Niobe Weeping Willow
S. caprea Goat Willow
S. concolor  
S. discolor Pussy Willow
S. elaeagnos Rosemary or Hoary Willow
S. x elegantissima Thurlow Weeping Willow
S. exigua Coyote Willow
S. gracilistyla Rosegold Pussy Willow
S. lanata Woolly Willow
S. lucida Shining Willow
S. matsudana Corkscrew Willow
Hankow Willow
S. melanostachys Black Pussy Willow
S. pentandra Laurel Willow
S. purpurea Purple Osier
S. repens rosmnrinifolia Rosemary Creeping Willow
S. reticulata Neatleaf Willow
S. uva-ursi Bearberry Willow


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