There are between 30 and 40 species of elms. Eight of these are native to North America with the remainder coming from parts of Europe and Asia.

The key challenge for many members of this genus when used in the landscape in the United States is Dutch elm disease (DED). This fungal disease was introduced over half a century ago and has devastated many (but not all) of the American elms once used extensively as street and landscape trees. Different species have differing levels of susceptibility or resistance to DED.



Ulmus alata Winged Elm
U. americana American Elm
U. carpinifolia Smoothleaf Elm
U. crassifolia Cedar Elm
U. glabra Scotch Elm
U. x hollandica Dutch Elm
U. parvifolia Chinese Elm
U. pumila Siberian Elm
U. procera English Elm
U. rubra Slippery Elm
U. serotina September Elm
U. thomasii Rock or Cork Elm


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