Aster amellus
European Michaelmas Daisy aka Italian Aster
Italy - Southern Europe and Western Asia

Bushy clump of stems with multiple branching at the top
2-2˝ feet tall and 1˝-2 feet wide
Violet-purple daisy-like flowers, 1˝-2˝ inches wide, are borne in a clustered corymb. The center of each flower has a bright yellow eye.
loose, flat-
Early fall
alternate leaves, basal leaves oblanceolate to obovate, to 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, usually entire stem leaves oblong to lanceolate and sessile. Leaves and stems have a hispid pubescence which creates a rough texture and feel.
  • 'Brilliant' - Bright pink flowers. 24 inches tall.
  • 'Dwarf King' - Deep blue-violet flowers, 20 inches tall.
  • 'King George' - An exceptionally fine old favorite with bright lavender flowers, 24 inches tall.
  • 'Lady Hindlip' - Pink flowers, similar to 'Pink Zenith' 2-3 feet tall.
  • 'Nocturne' - Deep blue-violet flowers, 24 inches.
  • 'Pink Zenith' - Pink flowers, 24 inches tall.
  • 'Rudolph Goethe' - Lavender flowers, 24 inches tall.
  • 'Sonia' - Bold pink flowers are carried on stems 12-18 inches tall.
Aster amellus is a popular fall plant in Europe. Aster amallus is one of the parents of Aster x frikartii.

The term, Michaelmas Daisy, applies to several species of tall asters that bloom during the Feast of the Archangel Michael which is celebrated chiefly in England on September 29th.


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