Taxus x media
Intermediate Yew
4 to 7  
Hybrid Origin

Broadly pyrimidal, frequently with a central leader
Variable, 2 to 3’ high to 20’ high; every cultivar is different.
Similar to T. cuspidata; dark green, often lustrous above, lighter green beneath.
Fleshy, red aril covers hard brown seed.
Perhaps the key problem of members of the genus, Taxus is that they do not tolerate wet, poorly drained soils.
Combines hardy qualities of the Japanese Yew and the ornamental qualities of the English Yew

  • 'Adams' - male clone and upright tree type, 10-25 feet tall
  • 'Berryhill' - female clone, looks similar to T. cuspidata 'Nana'
  • 'Brownii' - a male, has a fine, dense, rounded habit, 9 feet tall and 12 feet across
  • 'Densi­formis' - male clone, rather dense and rounded in habit with many, short, lateral branches
  • 'Hatfieldii' - male, pyramidal, with dense upright branches.
  • 'Hlcksii' - upright in habit. Similar in form to the Irish Yew except that it is hardier Most are pistillate.
  • 'Kelseyi' - Kelsey Berrybush Yew - 12 feet tall
  • 'Moon' - narrow, upright, female type, sometimes known as Moon's Pyramidal
  • 'Natorp' - female yew this is twice as broad as it is high and similar to T. cuspidata 'Nana'
  • 'Stovekenii' - another columnar form
  • 'Vermeulen' - slow growing, compact, rounded, pistillate type 8 feet tall and 9 feet across
  • 'Wardii' - one of the widest and flattest, spreading yew forms, 6 feet tall and 19 feet across - very dense in habit
Hybrid of T. cuspidata x T. baccata


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