, water gardens and water features are among the most rapidly growing segments of landscape gardening. The sight and sound of water is a natural element that brings a soothing ambiance to any landscape. Fish swimming leisurely around the pond cannot help but relax the gardener and visitors.

As with any construction project, the foundation is, perhaps, the most important aspect of building your pond. A properly excavated hole will result in years and years of enjoyment. An improperly planned hole will cause continuous problems. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a contractor, knowing the basics will lead to success.

Whether you want to grow champion quality koi or just a few goldfish, adding fish to your pond will bring both great pleasure and a bit more work. Following a few simple tips will make it much easier than you think.

A pond may be many things to many people. As our name, implies, we are primarily horticulturalists so we often think of backyard ponds as places where we can grow and display more plants. This can be done in the pond with aquatic plants and around the pond with pondscaping.

Everyone seems to want a pond but many people never have one. The key reason is that they are convinced that it will be a never ending maintenance headache. Again, this too is partly true and partly a myth. We have a few ways to minimize your effort and have time to actually enjoy your pond.

Every leisure time activity in the world now has a group, society or something where like minded people can share ideas and have fun. Our listing of pond related groups includes organizations across the world.

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