Hosta 'Firn Line'

This sport of H. 'First Frost' is a small size (10 inches high by 16 inches wide) cultivar that was registered by Gerardus Heemskerk of Heemskerk Vaste Planten in the Netherlands in 2012.  It has blue-green foliage with creamy white marginal variegation. The leaves are lightly cupped, elliptic and have thick substance with a slightly shiny top. Medium lavender, bell-shaped flowers bloom from July into August.

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (2014 Vol. 45 No. 1) states that, "H. 'Firn Line' is the Correct Name, not 'Firm....The term is from the Swiss German firn meaning 'last years'...and has to do with the line on a glacier between the white snow on a glacier."

"H. ‘Firm Line’ (2012) – Due to a typographical error on the part of the registrar this was incorrectly registered as H. ‘Firm Line’ and should have been H. ‘Firn Line’. Further, as it was published, albeit incorrectly, and attached to a description, the registrar formally announces that the incorrect name is also removed from possible future use."

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