Hosta 'Moolah'

A hybrid of H. 'Gaijin' × an unidentified hosta, this miniature size (5 inches high by 12 inches wide) cultivar was registered by Randy Goodwin of Indiana in 2013. The dark green foliage has a greenish yellow marginal variegation.

Its leaves are lightly cupped, slightly twisted, slightly wavy, broadly ovate and slightly shiny on top. Pale lavender, tubular flowers that are translucent and have lavender stripes bloom from June into July. It sets viable seeds.

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (2015 Vol. 46 No.1) states that, "In 2013, Randy Goodwin...registered H. 'Moolah'. A seedling of H. 'Gaijin' × unknown, it is little with leaves about 3˝ inches long by 2˝ inches wide and mound size about 5 inches high by 12 inches across. The dark green foliage is leathery, cupped and corrugated, with greenish yellow margin that brightens to cream as the season progresses." The article goes on to say that this plant has been mistakenly offered in the trade under the name H. 'Mulah'.

According to page 16 of the 2013 Registrations publication, "This cultivar has been previously marketed under the name "Mulah." After submission for registration the hybridizer intended it be named after the pseudonym for money and not a Middle Eastern potentate. Hence it is being registered as H. 'Moolan'."

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