Hosta 'Play it Again, Sam'

Originated by Dr. Doug Beilstein of Ohio and Mark Zilis of Illinois but registered in 2010 by Zilis, this cultivar is a hybrid of seedling of H. 'Beatrice' × H. 'Rhapsody in Blue'. It is a medium size hosta about 12 inches high by 30 inches wide with medium green foliage with a yellow to creamy white streaked variegation. The leaves are ovate, slightly wavy and dull on top. Funnel shape flowers bloom from mid-August into September on scapes 19 to 24 inches tall.

According to the registration materials: "...heavily streaked foliage with a dense mound habit, streaked version of H. 'Bogie and Bacall'...yellow areas change to white as season progresses..."

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