Hosta 'Royal Mouse Ears'

Registered by Emile and Jane Deckert of Maryland in 2004, this cultivar is a tissue culture sport of H. 'Blue Mouse Ears'. It is a slow growing, small size plant with a height of around 8 inches and a spread of 18 inches which bears dense clusters of pale purple flowers in July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...may be the best small-size streaked cultivar. It would look great in a trough in combination with 'Blue Mouse Ears' or 'Green Mouse Ears."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "One of the most prized sports of H. 'Blue Mouse Ears' since, being streaked, it produces interesting sports thus increasing the range of the amazingly good Mouse Ears group...Leaves sometimes have blue-green margins enclosing the streaked portion of the leaf, which is more cream than green. Sometimes the background of the whole leaf is blue-green with random, paler streaking."



Warren I. Pollock wrote comments about the many sports of H. 'Blue Mouse Ears' (which he termed BME) in The Hosta Journal (2012 Vol. 43 No. 2). He stated, "H. 'One Iota Supreme' is a streaked form of 'One Iota', occasionally labeled 'One Iota Streaked'. Jan van den Top says the creamy yellow of 'One Iota Supreme' is less bright than the creamy yellow of 'Royal Mouse Ears', so expect this coloring for 'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme' and 'Mouse Tracks' too...Many hosta aficionados think 'One Iota Supreme', 'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme' and 'Mouse Tracks' are the same. However, I'm not aware of any side-by-side studies."

"Jan van den Top reports 'Mighty Mouse' and 'Lucky Mouse' are the same hosta. Also, 'Frosted Mouse Ears' comes up from the ground with plain blue-green leaves. After a month or so, a creamy-white margin develops somewhat more yellowish than others in the variegation group. This is in agreement with Tony Avent's observation that the margin of 'Frosted Mouse Ears' seems to be slightly less white than 'Mighty Mouse'. Recall: 'Frosted Mouse Ears' is from 'Royal Mouse Ears'."
"Jan van den Top reports 'Pure Heart' and 'Desert Mouse' are the same hosta. Also, 'Holy Mouse Ears' comes up with plain blue-green leaves; after a month or so, a creamy-white center develops somewhat more yellow than others in this variegation group. Recall: 'Holy Mouse Ears' is from 'Royal Mouse Ears'."
"H. 'Royal Mouse Ears' is described as having blue-green foliage with numerous gold and creamy-white streaks throughout the leaf blade. Jan van den Top reports it emerges with plain bluish-green leaves and streaking appears a month or so later. In addition to streaks in the center, also expect distinct creamy margins. Further, don't be surprised if 'Royal Mouse Ears' settles out as a margined-leaved 'Frosted Mouse Ears'. Recall: 'Frosted Mouse Ears' and 'Holy Mouse Ears' originally came from 'Royal Mouse Ears'."

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