Comments from Mr. PGC: Throughout history, many people have made lasting contributions to the world of plants. In these pages, we hope to pay tribute to some of them. Our concentration will be primarily on those who have introduced plants to the gardening world, those who have helped spread the word about gardening and those who have made significant contributions to landscaping and landscaping design around the world.

This list will be constantly growing as we add new names. If you have someone who you think should be on the list, please send us an Email.

German landscape architect who moved to Washington D.C. in the late 1970's and joined with James van Sweden  to form Oehme, van Sweden & Associates. They became known for the "New American Garden" style of planting using large groupings of perennials especially ornamental grasses.

Plants associated with him include Carex muskingumensis 'Oehme'.

Olmsted considered himself an environmental planner, although most people consider him the founder of landscape architecture. He was influenced by many of the "natural" landscapes of England and incorporated natural elements into his often urban landscapes. He designed many city parks, including the parks of Boston and his most famous -- Central Park in New York City.

This French prince traveled extensively in Asia during the 1890s. Included in the specimens that he collected and brought back to Europe were Incarvillea delavayi, Lilium lophorum, Lonicera thibetica, and Rhododendron primuliflorum.

Plants named for him included Meconopsis henrici and Rodgersia henrici.

Dutch landscape designer known for the "New Wave Planting" movement where large groupings of perennials are planted in bold drifts. Examples of his designs may be found at the Royal Horticultural Society Wisley garden in England.

He is also a plant breeder and cultivars associated with him include Achillea 'Maritina', Heuchera 'Pewter Moon', Monarda 'Fishes', Monarda 'Mohawk' and Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo'.

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