This is a rather large genus with over 500 species of annuals, biennials and herbaceous perennials. They are widely distributed in temperate and subtropical regions of the PGC-P-Campanula-portenschlagi-Birch-Hybrid-2011-01Northern Hemisphere with many coming from the Mediterranean region.

Bellflowers make a fine addition to the home landscape. The flowers generally come in a range from white to dark purples and in a variety of heights.

C. aillariolia Spurred Bellflower C. medium Canterbury Bells
C. americana Tall Bellflower C. parryi Parry Bellflower
C. aucheri Anther Bellflower C. persicifolia Peach-leaved Bellflower
C. barbata Bearded Bellflower C. piped Piper Bellflower
C. caespitosa   C. portenschiaqiana
(C. muralis) 
Dalmatian Bellflower
C. carpatica Carpathian Harebell,
Tussock Bluebell
C. poscharskyana Serbian Bellflower
C. cochleariifolia Spiral Bellflower C. propinqun grandiflora Near East Bellflower
C. dasyanthia
(C. sasyantha)
Shaggy Bellflower C. x pulloides  
C. drabifolia Greek Bellflower C. punctata Spotted Bellflower
C. elatines Elatines Bellflower C. pyramidalis Chimney Bellflower
C. formanekiana   C. raddeana Radde Bellflower
C. garganica Gargano Bellflower C. ranunculus Bluestar Bellflower
C. glomerata Clustered Bellflower C. rapunculus Creeping Bellflower
C. hononiensis Russian Bellflower C. rotundifolia Harebell, Bluebells of Scotiand
C. isophylla Italian Bellflower C. sarmatica Sarmatian Bellflower
C. latifolia Great Bellflower C. x stansfeldii Stansfield Bellflower
C. lavrensis Bellflower C. takesimiana Korean Bellflower
C. latiloba Delphinium Bellflower C. trachelium Coventrybells
C. linifolia Scheuchzer Bellflower C. versicolor Bellflower

Species Height
C. aillariolia 18-36 E white  Bell N
C. carpatica 9-12 L Blue Cup U
C. cochleariifolia 4-6 L Blue Bell N
C. garganica 5-6 L Blue Star U
C. glomerata 12-18 E Purple Bell U
C. lactiflora 36-60 E Lilac Bell U
C. latifolia 48-60 E Purple Tubular U
C. persicifilia 12-36 E Blue Saucer U
C. portenschiaqiana 4-6 L Blue Bell U
C. poscharskyana 8-12 L Lilac Bell U
C. pyramidalis 36-48 E Blue Bell U
C. rotundifolia 6-12 L Purple Bell N

* Guides and Keys are from the book "Herbaceous Perennial Plants A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes" by Dr Allan M. Armitage of the University of Georgia. Varsity Press, Athens, Georgia. 1989 ISBN 0-942375-00. More on Dr Armitage and his other books.


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