These are small trees or sometimes shrubs with alternate leaves. They are similar, but usually smaller, than the hop-hornbeams (Ostrya). The hornbeams have a reputation of being rather difficult to transplant successfully so they have not been as widely used as other ornamental species in the landscape.

Carpinus betulus European Hornbeam
C. caroliniana American Hornbeam
C. cordata Heartleaf Hornbeam
C. japonica Japanese Hornbeam
C. orientalis Oriental Hornbeam

  Car Pinus species - Hornbeam Ostrya - Hophornbeam
Height 45 feet 60 feet
Fruit Small hard nutlets in leaflike bracts born in pendulous clusters Bladderlike pods in pendulous clusters
Catkins Not evident in winter Obvious all winter
Bark Smooth "muscular" Rough scaly


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