This genus consists of about 105 species and thousands of hybrid cultivars. Most of them are tropical of subtropical in origin coming primarily from Central America, South America and New Zealand. The vast majority of them are not hardy in most temperate zones. Therefore, they are used as either houseplants or annuals outdoors.

Fuchsias are distinguished from other members of the Onagraceae Family by their colorful hypanthium (calyx tube) and the fruit which is a berry rather than a capsule as in Oenothera or a nut as in Gaura.

Named for a German physician, Leonhart Fuchs (1501-1566).



Fuchsia Hybrids Bedding Plant Fuchsia
Fuchsia fulgens Flame Fuchsia
F. hybrida Common Fuchsia
F. magellanica Magellan Fuchsia

F. procumbens

Trailing Fuchsia

F. triphylla  


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