This is a genus of over 90 species of plants that were formerly in the genus, Aster. Most are native to North America while a few come from Central America and South America.

More on the shift of plants from Aster to Symphyotrichum.

Symphyotichum ascendens Western or Ascending Aster
S. boreale Lindley (sky-blue aster)
S. ciliatum Rayless Aster
S. ciliolatum Lindley’s Blue Aster
S. cordifolium Blue Wood Aster
S. drummondii Drummond’s Aster
S. dumosus Rice Button Aster
S. eatonii Eaton’s Aster
S. ericoides Tufted White Prairie Aster
S. falcatum Creeping White Prairie Aster
S. laeve Smooth Blue Aster
S. lanceolatum var. hesperium Western Willow Aster
S. lanceolatum Panicled Aster
S. lanceolatum var. lanceolatum Eastern Willow Aster
S. lateriflorus Side-flowered Aster
S. macrophylla Big Leaf Aster
S. novae-angliae New England Aster
S. oblongifolium Aromatic Aster
S. ontarionis Ontario Aster
S. oolentangiense  
S. parviceps Burgess Aster
S. pilosum Hairy Aster
S. praealtum Willow Aster
S. puniceum Purple Stemmed Aster


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