Hosta 'Big Daddy'

A large size (25 inches high by 66 inches wide), thick textured, blue green hosta, this plant was registered by Paul Aden of New York in 1978 as a sport of a variegated H. 'Robusta'. The foliage, which turns greener as the season progresses, is heavily corrugated with thick substance. Near white flowers bloom from mid-June into July followed by viable seeds.

This is one of those hostas that was "re-registered " with more up to date information. The more recent registration occurred in 2010 and listed Paul Aden of New York as both originator and registrant. It was described as a sport of a variegated form of H. 'Elegans'. Hope this is not too confusing.

According to The Hosta Handbook by Mark Zilis (2000), this is one of many, many cultivars of a similar type to H. 'Elegans'." The leaves tend to cup more than other Sieboldianas, especially in contrast to 'Big Mama' to which it is often compared."

Mark Zilis (2009), adds "The original registration files...portrayed a much different plant than the one in commerce. It was described as having yellow-centered, green margined leaves with pale lavender flowers (July 35 peak of bloom). Obviously the large, blue-green H. 'Sieboldiana'-type that we know as 'Big Daddy' is not the same plant. I suspect that the original registration describes a sport of 'Yellow Splash' or the similar 'Robusta Variegata'.

From the Field Guide to Hostas by Mark Zilis (2014), "...ranks among the top large blue-leaved cultivars for its color intensity and thick substance...can be used as a large ground cover or background plant."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Remains a chalky dark blue in a well-shaded site for most of the season...Very slow to increase, especially from a young tissue-cultured plant...Among the most distinctly cupped, larger, blue-leaved hostas."

"AHS President's Exhibitor Trophy Award, 1989 and Midwest Blue Award, 1989, exhibited by Richard Ward. Mature leaves have 16 veins indicating H. sieboldiana relationship. Otherwise leaves look like a large H. 'Tokudama'."

H. 'Big Daddy’ P. Aden (ONIR) 1976
Plant: 36 in. (91.4 cm) diameter; 28 in. (71.1 cm) high.
Leaf: 10 in. (25.4 cm) long; 7 in. (17.8 cm) wide; 16 vein pairs; yellow center; 1 in. (2.54 cm) wide, green margin; cupped and cor-rugated; rounded.
Flower: pale lavender; Baldwin, NY; July to August..
Seed: seed set unknown.
Clump History: original sport; Baldwin, NY.
[sport of H. 'Fortunei Robusta Variegated']

H. 'Big Daddy’ P. Aden (ONIR) RR2010
Plant: 66 in. (167.6 cm) diameter; 25 in. (63.5 cm) high.
Leaf: 15 in. (38.1 cm) long; 10.5 in. (26.7 cm) wide; 16 to 17 vein pairs; intensely blue-green; glaucous bloom on top and underneath; broadly ovate cordate base; intensely corrugated, slightly cupped.
Scape: 24 to 32 in. (61 to 81.3 cm) long.
Flower: near white; Baldwin, NY; June 15 to July 15.
Seed: sets viable seeds.
Clump History: original sport; Baldwin, NY.
[sport of a variegated form of H. 'Elegans' (sold under the invalid name H. "Fortunei Robusta Variegated"]
Seasonal Variation: turns green by late summer.

1 34.0 1991 #34


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