Hosta 'El Capitan'

Wm and Eleanor Lachman of Massachusetts registered this seedling of H. 'Beatrice' in 1987. This very large size plant grows to 26 inches in height and spreads to about 50 inches wide. The leaves are moderately corrugated, slightly wavy and have good substance. In late July, it bears medium lavender flowers followed by viable seeds.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Useful as a border specimen or for background planting. Lovely with blue-leaved hostas...Transitional celadon streaking and misting."

An article by Bob Solberg in The Hosta Journal (1994 Vol. 25 No. 2) states that "William and Eleanor Lachman crossed the better blues of Eric Smith with their own line of variegated 'Beatrice' and 'Flamboyant' hybrids to yield a large group of blue hostas with cream to white variegation - unlike any previously introduced: 'Cherub'...and 'Crusader'...both registered in 1989 are two examples of this breakthrough. Some may also consider the Lachman's earlier introductions of 'Carnival' and 'El Capitan' as breakthroughs for their substance and bright gold edges, although 'Galaxy', their streaked sibling, is of more value to hybridizers. All have 'Beatrice' and some 'Tokudama' in their pedigrees."


H. 'Carnival'


H. 'Celebrity'


H. 'Standing Ovation'


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