Hosta 'Resonance'


This hybrid of H. 'Aden No. 270' × H. 'Aden No. 275' was registered by Paul Aden of New York in 1976. The plant grows to about 13 inches in height with a spread of 37 inches. It has dark green foliage with a creamy white marginal variegation. Pale purple flowers bloom in August.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...makes an excellent low ground cover, offering attractively variegated foliage and a good growth rate. It was one of the breeding plants that Wm and Eleanor Lachman utilized and is in the background of 'Crusader', 'Emerald Crown', 'Gay Blade', and 'Tambourine'..."

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (1992 Vol. 23 No. 1) states that, "Can anyone tell me how to distinguish between 'Grand Master' and 'Resonance'?...I've kept only two plants and they are now good-size mature clumps. But the labels got mixed up,...I've spent considerable time examining them. My conclusion is that they look identical...Sandra Bond says that 'Ground Master' flowers are darker than 'Resonance'."

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