Hosta kikutii caput-avis
aka Unazuki Gibōshi

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this is a "...form of the species native to isolated areas of Shikoku and Honshu Islands in Japan." It was first described around 1950 by Dr. Fumio Maekawa.

There appear to be both a large size (19 inches high by 40 inches wide) and a small size (8 inches high by 32 inches wide)  form to this variety of H. kikutii. Leaves on the large type are elliptic with a wedge shaped base while the small ones are lanceolate shaped. They both have shiny, medium green foliage that arches and gives a drooping appearance. The lavender flowers are borne from mid-August into September on long drooping scapes.

Zilis continues, "...Formerly considered to be a separate species (Hosta caput-avis) excellent addition to any breeding program."

In an article about hybridizing by Tony Avent in The Hosta Journal (1996 Vol. 27 No. 1),  Tony gives the following comments on cultivars he has introduced: "H. 'Red Neck Heaven' - underrated, but awesome plant. This is a selection from seed from Japan of H. kikutii caput-avis. The dark petioles and white backed leaves are awesome...great form!"


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