No.MOTHER PLANTTC SportSourceAdditional Information
1 'Daddy Boomer''Grandaddy Boomer'Zilis, Mark(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Baby Boomer', 'Chirifu Oba', 'Daddy Boomer', Hosta montana, 'Sea Prize' (INFO.SOURCE: MyHosta Database)
2 'Dancing in the Rain''Dancing Stars'Zwagerman, Mary & Walters Gardens(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue Umbrellas', 'Dancing in the Rain'
3 'Dancing Queen''One Last Dance'Hansen, Hans & Walters Gardens(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dancing Queen', 'Split Personality'
4 'Dancing Queen''First Dance'Hansen, Hans(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dancing Queen', 'Split Personality'
5 'Daybreak''Mid Afternoon'Anderson, Jim(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Daybreak', 'Sieboldiana'
6 'Daybreak''Mid Morning'Anderson, Jim(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Daybreak', 'Sieboldiana'
7 'Daybreak''Day's End'Zilis, Mark(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Daybreak', 'Sieboldiana'
8 'Delta Dawn''Delta Desire'Zilis, Mark(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Delta Dawn', 'Golden Waffles', 'Rough Waters', 'Tokudama' ++(TC SPORT SIBLING OF) 'Delta Pride' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'August Moon'
9 'Delta Dawn''Delta Pride'Zilis, Mark(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Delta Dawn', 'Golden Waffles', 'Rough Waters', 'Tokudama' ++(TC SPORT SIBLING OF) 'Delta Desire'
10 'Diamond Tiara''Diamonds are Forever'Sal, Eric & Walters Gardens(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Diamond Tiara', 'Golden Tiara', Hosta nakaiana
11 'Diana Remembered''Royal Wedding'Bergeron, Amy & Walters Gardens(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', 'Christmas Tree', 'Diana Remembered', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Kevin Vaughn', Hosta plantaginea, 'Seventh Heaven', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii
12 'Dick Ward''Alligator Alley'Walters Gardens(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dick Ward', 'Gold Cadet', 'Golden Prayers', 'Golden Waffles', 'Zounds'
13 'Dorothy Benedict''Giant Streaker'Elslager, Ed(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana'
14 'Dorothy Benedict''Let Faith Arise' (Silvers)Silvers, Bill(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana' ++(SAME.NAME) 'Let Faith Arise' (Van Wyke)
15 'Dorothy Benedict''Dandy Randy'Asch, Stuart(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana'
16 'Dorothy Benedict' seedling'Krinkle Twist'Elslager, Ed(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana' ++( 'Krinkle Sister' ++(REVERSED.FORM) 'Krinkle Sister'
17 'Dragon Tails''Lemon Zinger'Solberg, Robert(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dragon Tails'
18 'Dust Devil''The Devil's Edge'Zilis, Mark(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dust Devil', 'Fortunei', 'Fortunei Hyacinthina', 'Whirlwind'
19 'Dust Devil''The Big Easy'Zilis, Mark & Cunningham, L.(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dust Devil', 'Fortunei', 'Fortunei Hyacinthina', 'Whirlwind'

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