Most species of fir are found in the mountainous regions of Western North America, Europe, Northern Africa, parts of Asia, Himalayan Mountains, Canada.

The name comes from the Latin word abeo which means "to rise" or "arising" referring to the height of the trees. "Fir" probably comes from the Old English words furh or fyrh and the Danish word for fire, fyrr.

Fir trees are monoecious which means that have separate male and female flowers on the same plant. Most of these plants are pyramidal in form and are fairly slow growing. Many of them do not tolerate hot, dry weather well.

Abies alba       Silver Fir
A. amabilis Cascade Fir
A. balsamea Balsam Fir
A. bracteata Santa Lucia Fir
A. cephaloniea  Greek Fir
A. cilicies Cilleian Fir
A. concolor White or Colorado Fir
A. fabri Faber's Fir
A. firma Momi Fir
A. fraseri Fraser Fir
A. grandis Grand Fir
A. homolepis Nikko Fir
A. koreana Korean Fir
A. lasiocarpa Alpine Fir
A. magnifica Red Fir
A. nordmaniana Nordmann Fir
A. numidica Algerian Fir
A. pinsapo Spanish Fir
A. procera Noble Fir
A. spectabilis Himalayan Fir
A. veitchii Veitch Fir


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