This genus contains about 12 species of flowering woody plants. They are native to the temperate zones of Southeastern Europe and Eastern Asia.

Most of the species in this genus are woody shrubs with at least one, Syringa reticulata called the tree lilac. Of course, the lilacs are known for their colorful and often very fragrant flowers.

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Syringa x chinensis Chinese Lilac
S. x henryi  
S. x hyacinthiflora Hyacinth Flowered Lilac
S. x josiflexa  
S. josikaea Hungarian Lilac
S. laciniata Cutleaf Lilac
S. meyeri Meyer's Lilac*
S. microphylla Littleleaf Lilac
S. oblata dilatata Korean Early Lilac
S. patula Manchurian Lilac
S. pekinensis Pekin Lilac
S. x persica Persian Lilac
S. potanini Potanin Lilac
S. x prestoiline Preston Lilac
S. reflexa Nodding Lilac
S. reticulata Japanese Tree Lilac
S. x swegiflexa Swegiflexa Lilac
S. sweginzowii Chengtu Lilac
S. villosa Late Lilac
S. vulgaris Common Lilac
* Introduced by Frank L. Meyer


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