Hosta 'Great Expectations'

This classic hosta was introduced by John Bond of Savill Gardens in England and was registered by Paul Aden in 1988. It is a giant sized (29 inches high) medial (center) variegated hosta which is a sport of Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans' species.

The bright yellow center of the blue-green leaves tends to turn white as the summer progresses (albescence). It is a slow growing plant with heavy substance and near white, bell-shaped flowers on 33 inch scapes in late June into July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...its stature in the world of hostas has only increased. A mature specimen has a significant impact on any garden in which it grows. Its only negative is a slow growth rate."

It has been reported that this cultivar may be more difficult to grow in hotter parts of the country i.e. the South. Growers in that region have found that a mature clump may begin to decline for no apparent reason.

This cultivar has appeared several times in the Popularity Poll by members of The American Hosta Society.


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