This is a fairly large group of plants consisting of over 1,500 species. The common factor is that their flowers don't have petals or sepals but do have very showy colored bracts. Another common characteristic is the presence of a milky sap exuded from cut stems. There is at least one tree among the species and many shrubs and herbaceous perennials.


Euphorbia caput-medusae Medusa's Head
E. characias Mediterranean Euphorbia
E. corollata Flowering Spurge
E. cyparissias Cypress Spurge
E. cythophora Fire on the Mountain
E. esula Leafy Spurge
E. gramlicomis Cow's-horn
E. griffithii Griffith's Spurge
E. heterophylla Painted Spurge
E. maculata formerly
Chamaesyce maculata
Spotted Spurge
E. mammillaris Corkscrew
E. marginata Snow-on-the- Mountain
E. millii Crown of Thorns
E. miliisplendens Crown-of-thorns
E. myrsinites Myrtle Euphorbia
E. neriifolia Hedge Euphorbia
E. polychroma
Cushion Euphorbia,
Cushion Spurge
E. pulcherrima Poinsettia
E. waillchii Waillch Spurge


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