Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet Variegated'

This cultivar is a large size (22 inches high by 48 inches wide) sport of H. 'Fragrant Bouquet' with pale green to chartreuse colored leaves that have a creamy yellow streaked variegation. As its name implies, it has large, very pale lavender, fragrant flowers from August into September and usually does not set viable seeds.

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (1998 Vol. 29 No. 1) discusses the fact that many variegated hosta cultivars are considered "unstable. " This means that all or individual divisions of the clump may revert to either a solid color or other form of variegation. You may end up suddenly have a single colored hosta or you will need to separate a solid colored division from the clump. Three nurseries were cited who include notations about "unstable " hostas. The following is a composite list of those cultivars mentioned:


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