This is a large, diverse group of around 150 species of small and large trees with opposite leaves. Maples are noted for the shade they produce and also for their often excellent autumn color. Many of them are dioecious meaning that they hafe separate male and female trees while others are monoecious having both types of flowers on the same plant.

The one thing they all have in common is that they produce a fruit called a samara. These are the "whirlybird" seeds with either one or two wings that are closely associated with maples.

The leaves may be simple, lobed or compound, depending on the species. The maples are native to North America, Europe and Asia.

In Latin, the word Acer means sharp and was in reference to the strong wood of the maples which was often used for spears.

Maple Leaf Comparisons - Maple Syrup - Shade Tree Decline

Acer x arnoldiana (Arnold Arboretum) A. miyabei Miyabe Maple
(Arnold Arboretum)
A. barbatum Florida Maple, Southern Sugar Maple A. monspessulanum Montpelier Maple
A. buergeranum Trident Maple A. negundo Boxelder
A. campestre Hedge Maple A. nikoense Nikko Maple
A. capillipes Red Snakebark Maple A. nigrum Black Maple
A. cappadocicum Coliseum Maple A. oliverianum  
A. carpinifolium Hornbeam Maple A. opalus Italian Maple
A. circinaturn Vine Maple A. palmatum Japanese Cutleaf Maple
A. cissifolium Ivy Leaved Maple A. pensylvanicum Striped Maple
A. davidii David Maple A. platanoides Norway Maple
A. diabolicum Devil Maple A. pseudoplatanus Planetree Maple
A. freemanii Freeman Maple A. pseudosieboldianun Korean Maple
A. ginnala Amur Maple A. rubrum Red Maple
A. glabrum Rocky Mountain Maple A. rufinerve Redvein Maple
A. griseum Paperbark Maple A. saccharinum Silver Maple
A. grosseri Snakebark Maple A. saccharum Sugar Maple
A. heidreichii Greek Maple A. shirasawanum Fernleaf Maple
A. henryi Henry's Maple A. sieboldianum Siebold's Maple
A. japonicum Fullmoon Maple A. spicatum Mountain Maple
A. leucoderme Chalkbark or Whitebark Maple A. tataricum Tataricum Maple
A. lobelii Lobel Maple A. tegmentosum Manchurian Maple
A. macrophyllum Bigleaf Maple A. triflorum Three Flowered Maple
A. maerophyllum      
A. mandshuricum Manchurian Maple A. truncatum Purpleblow Maple  or Shantung Maple
A. maximowiczianum
A. nikoense
Nikko Maple A. tschonoskii Tschonoski Maple
Simple Leaves:  
Compound Leaves:  


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