1. Single Blossom - has 5 to 12 petals arranged on the same plane and not enclosing one another. All wild roses have single flowers with five petals and yellow stamens.

  2. Double Blossom - has two complete and concentric rings of outer petals and often a prominent center of petals that enclose the pistils and stamens. The number of petals vary from 25 to 50 or more.

  3. Semi-double Blossom - this is half way between single and double. There are two strata of 13 to 24 petals each. The petals are not as numerous or closely furled as the double blossom.

  4. Very Double Blossom - has between 50 and 200 small petals that cluster in several tight rings or layers. They may be either "button eyed" with a single center formed by very tiny, unopened petals or "quartered" with petals arranged like a pinwheel in 3,4 or 5 separate clusters.


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