Damask is defined as a material "...having one set of warps and one set of wefts." whatever that means. As far as the roses go, these types originated in the Mediterranean Region and may have been brought back to Southern Europe by the Crusaders. It is a small group of roses that are often difficult to distinguish from similar types.

The primary species is Rosa damascena which has a single bloom season in midsummer. A subspecies, Rosa damascena semperflorens, also has a second bloom in autumn. They have fragrant double or semi-double flowers that grow in large clusters. Generally, the blooms range in color from pale pink to red. The plants grow to about 3 to 7 feet in height and are hardy on their own rootstocks.

The cultivar 'Versicolor' is represented in the York and Lancaster Rose symbol used to signify the union of the the two royal families of England. This occurred after the War of the Roses in the late 15th century.


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