The floribundas are a mixture of hybrid teas and polyanthas. They have the foliage, flower form and size from the hybrid tea parent. From the polyanthes, they get better cold hardiness, low growing habit and continuous bloom from late spring into autumn. Before being given the name of "Floribunda" these roses were called hybrid polyanthes. They were first introduced about 1924 with the availability of R. 'Else Poulsen' and R. 'Kirsten Poulsen' from Denmark.

As the name implies, these roses bear flowers in abundance. The blooms occur in clusters on medium length stems. Most of the floribundas are around 2 to 3 feet in height and have the full color range of the hybrid teas among their cultivars. They are often used in mass plantings and may be called bedding roses.

Flowers on floribundas are often wide open and have gold to cream colored stamens which add to their attractiveness. They are smaller than hybrid tea flowers but their numbers add to their impact.

Floribunda Rose Cultivars
1. 'Europeana' - dark red
2. 'Little Darling' - yellow blend
3. 'Iceberg' - white
4. 'Gene Boerner' - medium pink
5. 'Ivory Fashion' - white
6. 'Redgold' - yellow blend
7. 'Apricot Nectar' - apricot blend
8. 'Angel Face' - mauve
9. 'Faberge' - pink blend
10. 'Eutin' - dark red
11. 'Betty Prior' - med pink
12. 'Circus' - yellow blend
13. 'Spartan' - orange-red
14. 'Saratoga' - white
15. 'Fashion' - pink blend
16. 'Sarabande' - orange-red
17.' Orangeade' - orange-red
18. 'Rose Parade' - pink blend
19. 'Fire King' - orange-red


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