How many different hostas exist? Nobody knows for sure. We have over 13,700 different hosta names in our database with each one having its own page. Excluding duplicate names (two different plants but only one name or one plant with multiple names), out-dated or incorrect names and "extinct" plants, we have descriptive information on nearly 9,000 hosta cultivars, botanical varieties and species. We have 8,842 pictures of 4,153 cultivars and species of hostas.

Included in the list below are ALL the hostas in the database. Each name may not represent an individual hosta plant. We have include every name we have found in decades of searches through books, catalogs, The Hosta Journal and numerous on-line references.  Some of the names are duplicates or outdated and have been replaced by newer ones. A few have been changed as the genus, Hosta continues to be studied by taxonomists.

               - Indicates that we have a photo of this plant.

  1. '00 Buckshot'
  2. '0 2 Hero'
  3. '0 Sum Game'
  4. 'Za Za Zoom'
  5. 'Zachary Taylor'
  6. 'Zager Blue'
  7. 'Zager Blue Leaf'
  8. 'Zager Frances Williams'
  9. 'Zager Giant Puckered'
  10. 'Zager Glauca Variegata'
  11. 'Zager Green'
  12. 'Zager Green Edge'
  13. 'Zager Green Giant'
  14. 'Zager Green Leaf'
  15. 'Zager Green Rim'
  16. 'Zager Green Sieboldiana'
  17. 'Zager Mini Albo-lancifolia'
  18. 'Zager Minor Alba'
  19. 'Zager Puckered'
  20. 'Zager Undulata'
  21. 'Zager's Fortunei Blue'
  22. 'Zager's Giant'
  23. 'Zager's Giant Sieboldiana'
  24. 'Zager's Green Leaf'
  25. 'Zager's Minor Alba'
  26. 'Zager's Pride'
  27. 'Zager's Sieboldiana Gigantea'

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