Malus baccata
Siberian Crabapple
Northeastern Asia

Pure white, very fragrant flowers are 1-1¼ inches across
Early May
Red and yellow fruits vary considerably in size as well as color
One of the hardiest of all the species

  • ‘Columnaris’ - most columnar of the crabapples, an annual bearer but reportedly very susceptible to fire blight;
  • var. gracilis - fragrant white flowers - tips of the branches slightly pendulous, giving the whole tree a refined appearance.
  • ‘Jackii’ -  glossy red fruits;
  • var. mandshurica - flowers white, fragrant, blooms in late April
  • ‘Barbara Ann’ - Zone 4 - deep purplish-pink flowers - purplish fruits
  • ‘Beauty’ - 24 feet - Zone 3 - single white flowers - edible red fruits - fastigiate habit, alternate bearing but is resistant to apple scab.


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